The teaching covers relevant elements from the research areas as well as their fundamentals:

Beyond this there are some course I somtimes act as a substitute for a collgegue on research sabbatical:

  • Analysis 1 (bachelor course)
  • Lineare Algebra (bachelor course)
  • Numeric (bachelor course)

The links above will lead you to the course slides in the Lecturenotes repository. Passwords and logins are provided in the first lecture.
For further information e.g. seminar paper see the German website of the work group.

Software used for Teaching and/or Research

  • GNU Octave or MATLAB
  • Python 3.x with
    • NumPy
    • Scipy
    • Matplotlib
    • Pandas
    • Kivy
  • Open Modelica
  • ROS (Robot Operating System)
  • C/C++